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Canada Doug Ford’s proposed policies don’t add up: Here’s why

Doug Ford

Canada’s Ontario voters seem to desperately want a change ever since they have been infested with news of mismanagement and scandals for the last 14 years. Ontarian’s probably have three choices to make, but our unbiased view and take ‘Is Doug Ford the answer?’ will leave your thoughts provoking.

PC party’s Doug Ford is on a rampage of rhetoric and spent up repetitions and hurtfully short on substance with his constant attacks on the current Liberal Kathleen Wynne’s government.

Recently, Mr. Ford promised he would cut government spending without massive layoffs. Such a claim does not add up and is a direct insult to the intelligence of voters in Ontario. Any economist will approve that the only way possible to achieve this is by cut in government spending through firing staff, discarding programs or spinning off current government assets.

Ontario: Watch the below video for point by point breakdown of Mr. Ford’s policies


But again what choice do we have? It’s for the Ontario voters to decide.

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