Skydivers clash with each other – Sad ending Watch Video


Skydiving is a sport where one jumps from a high point to the ground with the aid of gravity. This involvs the control of speed and velocity during the fall/descent with the use of a parachute. Over the recent past it has become more of a free-falling in which period one experiences pure adrenaline rush when the parachute is not deployed. The person slowly accelerates to terminal velocity until the parachute opens.

The first parachute jump in history was by André-Jacques Garnerin, the inventor of the parachute, on October 22 1797.

Skydiving warning

DISTRESSING FOOTAGE: Two skydivers received fatal injuries upon landing after colliding and losing consciousness mid-air in Tatarstan, Russia

Loc: Tatarstan, Russia
Courtesy: Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

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