Oreo toothpaste Prank Sends a YouTuber ReSet to Jail?

Oreo toothpaste Prank sends youtuber to Jail!

Kanghua Ren, a YouTuber, is in custody for his Oreo toothpaste prank.

Having 1.3 million subscribers. Kanghua Ren used to live stream Fortnite game and became quite popular on YouTube.

Things were fine until 2017 when a fan requested for: the viral Oreo Toothpaste Prank.

The prank goes like this: The iconic cream in Oreo is replaced with toothpaste. And the toothpaste Oreo is given to a victim who has no idea of that.

It isn’t life-threatening, but what caused the outrage, was the victim of the prank. The victim was a homeless man in the street of Barcelona. He was given the oreo with the toothpaste by the YouTuber which made the victim vomit on the sidewalk.

The YouTuber ReSet felt really bad for the old man and gave him € 20. He also spent 48 hours on the street as an apology.

Oreo toothpaste prank

But none of his acts convinced the audience or even the Spanish police. Before getting arrested ReSet said, expressing his emotions, in a video, ”Maybe I have gone a little bit too far.” He continued, ”This will help in cleaning his teeth. He might have not brushed since he became poor.”

After waiting for the result for two years, ReSet got sentenced for 15 months in prison and was ordered to pay €20000 and also close his Youtube channel, and all other social media accounts for the next 5 years.

The judge said that the viral video was “a clear and unambiguous act of humiliating content” which caused “physical suffering” to the victim. She said, ReSet “humiliated and vexed a vulnerable person, homeless, of much older age, who does not speak the official languages and has deteriorated due to street life and alcoholism.”

What are your views? Are you with or against the verdict?

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