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Denial and forming alliances: Origin of Terrorism 5/5 (4)


Terrorism: The part of the world created by our own hands.

Terrorism a word used to define the situation of unlawful violence and intimidation against the civilians. It is hampered by the terrorists. Those people who are involved in some unlawful acts to let the higher authorities hear their demand. To make them feel secure or dominant they act in such way. Sometimes their anger is on international territories but a lot of times they attack in their own country. To force the government hear their voice.

But what we all do being a citizen of a country always under terror. Yeah i know now you all will think that we invest a lot for the defense. And even our army the Indian army is a strong force. Now we are even progressing are place in space. And so on. That’s absolutely right. We are all ready to safeguard our country from terrorism.

But have we ever thought why do terrorism exist. Why does it ever originated. And above all where does it originate from. How come a 14 year old boy learns to load a gun. Kill anyone. How come a small girl decides to sacrifice her life for the fulfillment of their want.

The answer for this is very visible it’s denial and forming alliances. The core of colonialism. Even in this era we are prone of making rigid choices. And sticking to them not thinking or seeing the other side of the coin. This habit of making choice and alliances not only leads to discrimination but is definitely affecting the unity and brotherhood. And then we say who make these terrorists. Terrorists are not made in factories there is always a reason for any reaction or a step taken. Think about it the fire might catch your own neighborhood.

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