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Padma Shri Odisha Farmer Eats Ant Eggs To Survive.

Being Awarded Padma Shri For Sicial Work
source: ABP News

Tribal Farmer, Daitri Nayak, a farmer single-handedly carved out a 3 Km long tunnel through the Gonasika mountains of Odisha. His digging resulted in the discovery of irrigation for 100-acre land. Even after this, Farmer eats ant eggs as to remain alive.

Farmer Eats Ant Eggs:-

The 75-year-old farmer called Canal Man of Odisha from the Talabaitarani village in mineral-rich Kenojhar district is devoid of work. Armed with a hoe, he started digging out for 3 Km stretch tunnel between 2010 to 2013. Padma Shri is the fourth highest national award. Despite being Padma Shri awardee, the farmer eats ant eggs for his survival.

No Work:-

But this honor has somehow pushed this farmer towards unemployment.

Nayak told Hindustan Times,

Padma Shri has not helped in any way. Earlier I used to get work as a daily laborer. People are not giving me any work as they think it is below my dignity. We are not surviving by eating ant eggs.” 

To earn some money to feed his family he sells ‘tendu leaves’ and ‘amba sadha’ (aam papad). He seems deeply hurt and disappointed as he claims he ‘holds no value for the award now’.

Jobless Farmer Eats Ant Eggs
source: Gulf news

Several other leaders promised him for a concrete house under the scheme but their words were temporary. Earlier, he was promised of a new house under Indira Awas Yojna which still lies incomplete. He is forced to live his life in more miserable conditions than before. Therefore, he has decided to return the award.

Congressman attacked the Odisha Government for their hollow yet fake promise done to the farmer. As the news for the return spread, the district collector said,

 “We would address his grievance and try to persuade him against returning the award.

 Here is a video of  the farmer being awarded for his discovery,

To conclude, farmers are the producers of the nation and yet they are facing miserable condition. It’s high time the government should act in a responsible manner.

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