Nike featured Plus size mannequin in store

nike plus size

Nike plus size mannequin


Nike : The famous brand which is known for it’s advertisement of high quality attractive sports active wear has been in trouble lately. Nike has introduced plus size mannequins in it’s outlet on Oxford Street in London.

Nike’s recent commendable move has led to outrage over the treatment of plus-size women. On one side, the launch of plus size mannequin has received applause and warm greetings. On the other hand, it has received more of negative comments as well.

Reaction on Nike’s move :

People are praising Nike’s this move as a better step towards women empowerment. On contrary , Tanya Gold, a journalist at The Telegraph has less positive reaction for the mannequin .

“I fear that the war on obesity is lost, or has even, as is fashionable, ceased to exist, for fear of upsetting people into an early grave,” Gold begins her piece, which was published on Sunday.

“The new Nike mannequin is not size 12, which is healthy , or even 16 – a hefty weight, yes, but not one to kill a woman. She is immense, gargantuan , vast. She heaves with fat , “ Tanya Gold writes.

Tanya Gold further argues that the presence of plus size mannequins promote unhealthy lifestyle. The mannequins encourage fat acceptance which she believes could be dangerous. Furthermore , these mannequins will encourage people to deny health risks.

She further wrote that, ” The facts are obvious. Stay the weight and you will be an old women in your 50s . The obese Nike athlete is just another lie.”

Some pointed out that it is just not fair for Tanya to support weight lose as well as criticize a brand which encourages sports wear for plus size people. Introducing sports wear for plus size people will only help and encourage them to workout.

Nike has also received  mixed reactions on twitter where supporters and arguers are expressing their views :

Share your thoughts and opinions regarding Nike’s plus size mannequin in the comments below.

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