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Pakistan Sahiwal Hospital – 8 infants die AC malfunction – Tragic

Pakistan Sahiwal Hospital

Pakistan Sahiwal Hospital:

In a recent tragedy at the Pakistan Sahiwal hospital: 8 infants died due to high temperature in the hospital’s Pediatric ward. The AC malfunctioned 24 hours before the terrible incident happened.

According to Medical Superintendent (MS) Shahid Nazeer, 3 infants had died, on the other hand, Additional Secretary Health Rafaqat Ali said that 8 infants died.

The officials have scrutinized the pediatric ward and are waiting to take strict action after final reports.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said to take strict action against the people behind this incident. He also said that such incidents are unacceptable in every way.

He ordered to shift the AC from the MS office to the pediatric ward because of the high temperature.

“It has been learnt that the AC system of the ward has not been functioning well for the last many days,” Wattoo said.

“One is appalled at the insensitivity of the administration of the hospital towards the sufferings of the patients. The ACs of empty classrooms were running whereas, the infants were crying because of high temperature.”

Issues in hospitals are more with administration personnel than doctors. AC rectification was their responsibility. They even create environment forcing doctors away who are willing to serve away from main cities.

Take strict action and punish the culprits… Notice is not enough.. Mr. CM

DC has ordered to suspend biomedical engineer Luqman Tabish because of his failure to fix the AC.

In conclusion, what punishment do you think is correct for such culprits. Also, what are your thoughts?

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