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What has this country ever done for you? Do you AGREE to this INDIA? 5/5 (1)


Honest question: what has this country ever done for you? Just take a moment to be selfish as a tax-paying citizen. For once, ask not you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you.

I ask this because this is not the same country which Bhagat Singh died for. This is not the country that Gandhi died for. TThis is not the country that Lal Bahadur Shashtri died for. This is the not the country that Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel died for. Any idea of India that our freedom fighters held dear when they laid their lives for a cause against erstwhile oppressors…this is not it. It’s a good thing that they were all cremated because if they were buried then they would be crawling in their graves in disgust for what this country has become. A fucking dumb collection of individuals which calls itself a nation. Where the poor are left to die while the richest are in cahoots with the elected representatives.

WWhere superstition supersedes education, where dogma overtakes common sense. Where empathy is a sign of weakness because everyone is lost at the altar of their own selfish drive. WWhere you can’t even ask for a breath of oxygen because it is supposedly against your culture. Where the farmer who puts food on your table has to commit suicide to be heard (AND IS STILL NOT HEARD). WWhere the jawan at the border is conveniently brought up around elections and not even given a decent meal or a fucking bulletproof jacket. Where the law is different for the connected. Where reading more than 20 books makes you a LIBERAL ELITE INTELLECTUAL. WWhere you fuck strangers you picked up on Tinder in Oyo Rooms and then come home to marry the girl that dadaji likes and spend the rest of your life punching walls.

My Country

Where your identity is only about who can celebrate their festival the loudest (Bhagat Singh, an atheist, did not die so you could light a chocolate bomb over a fictional character you fucking chodu). WWhere they paint you out as a virtue-signaling libtard when you protest the gangrape of a child in a temple (you’re right dumbfuck, I got many virtues and protesting the gang rape of a child in a temple is just one of them). Where trolls copy paste juvenile alt-right agenda from abroad and try to pass them as their own. WWhere people can shut down any meaningful discussion with”Siachen mein hamare jawaan ladh rahe hain”.

Where your only real marker of success is how fast you can emigrate out of this shithole so you can become a minority in a Canada or UK or Australia or America so you get a green card there AND THEN talk about how all immigrants are cockroaches (somehow your first instinct is always to FLEE). WWhere you fucked whether you keep your money under the mattress or in the bank. Where the mind is always with fear.

You dumbfuck, when will your laughable hand-me-down nationalism make you realize that it is easy to bully people into standing up for the national anthem in a movie theater before Housefull 4 but it is far more difficult to make them feel pride in the same national anthem? Perhaps if they felt the country has done something for them then they would stand up out of their own accord. It’s hilarious that you don’t see see that you stand up for the national anthem in a Pavlovian manner. Like some trained dog. It’s knee-jerk, not heartfelt. If you’re not angry, well, it’s because you’re not paying attention.

My Country

You pay taxes. For what? Please tell me how your taxes are going into anything beyond subsidies for corporate defaulters? Please. I’m all ears. In the time it takes you to summon up an example, Adani just got another fucking airport. All around you law and order is collapsing. Your ersatz Mi-Lord judiciary is hearing two cases before lunch break and three after. Then BAM!: tarik pe tarik. Tarik pe tarik. You make me sick with your aloofness. Every country I’ve been to (and I have been to 28), people are prioritizing healthcare and education and infrastructure. India? “PLEASE MERE GAU MATA KO KUCH NAHI HONA CHAHIYE PLEASE!!”. We only deserve to wave phuljaris. You laugh at Bigg Boss contestants because you can spy on them. Meanwhile, your government laughs at you while it spies on you.

I know what you are going to say: LOL lagta hai aaj kuch zyada hi pi liya LOL ROFL LMFAO. Abey kab tak LOL karta rahega dost? How much memes and surveys and articles and data do you need to hit home how truly fucked up your situation is? Kitna Bigg Boss dekh kar ostrich ki tarah apne gaand mein khoya khoya rahega? Wake up. You are in the Bigg Boss house yourself. Cut from reality. Kabhi apni mummy ya biwi se sabzi ka daam pooch. Kabhi bazaar ghum aa. Akal thikane aa jayegi.

Don’t get all rang de basanti on me. Honestly answer. WHAT THE FUCK HAS THIS COUNTRY EVER DONE FOR YOU APART FROM GETTING IN THE WAY OF YOU REALIZING YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL? Or perhaps you have no potential, perhaps your only true potential is to toe the line and swallow whatever comes your way.

-By Humans of Hindutva

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