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Presumption : Leads To A Ditch – Wrong judgement makes us Regret later 5/5 (4)


Thinking is the best pass time of us humans. We all try to jump on conclusions without even knowing the objective. We fear the future to such an extent that making Presumption comfort us. Sooth us by telling that this will harm our self-esteem and confidence.

Without actually stepping in. But do we ever spend time thinking about it’s drawbacks. How is Presumption hampering our own mental peace. By snatching the calmness of our brain. It forces our brain to work even when it needs rest. Like while sleeping, meditation or any other peaceful activity.

This phenomenon of making Presumption is a real danger to our personality and level of confidence. We don’t even try to step out of our comfort zone when we already build our own conclusions.

More than 80% of the youth population are stressed or into anxiety due to the habit of Presuming. They don’t even want to try as they fear failure or disapproval.

Nights without proper sleep and days with no focus is the best results that one can see due to Presuming¬† stuffs. I like this guy in of my class but i won’t express my feelings. Because that can hamper our current bond. Why do we always assume a negative side of any situation. Why do we have to criticize ourselves. It might be possible that the boy may like you too but was also Presuming the future.

Many of us leave behind really good opportunities in our lives due to our Presumption of not benefiting from them. We fear our own self due to overthinking and our conclusion making skills. It not only hampers our personality but also destroys us from inside.

Better to live in present rather than destroying it by thinking about the future. Pre-assumptions ultimately leads to anxiety and stress which can further lead to other health issue.

Why to drag such an easy controllable issue to an extent that it destroys our own well-being. A lot of times presumptions lead to some wrong judgments that makes us regret later.

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