Man Deliberately Adding Lizards To His Railway Meals To Get Free Dinner

Man contaminating Railway meals by adding lizards to eat free food.
source: MyNation

We think that we can do anything to get free food. Unlike this man, who deliberately added lizards in his Railway meals to get free dinner. Yeah, that’s true.


Lizards And Free Meals:-

With this, a case of finding lizards in food items like has been solved. This curious case was solved when a 70-year-old man was found that he was the serial offender. Later a senior divisional manager found a pattern in complaints. Therefore, he alerted the DCM while sharing the photo of Surender Pal

“He was the same person. He claimed to have found the lizard in the samosa he ate at Jabalpur station on July 14. Then he complained that a lizard has been found in his Biryani at Guntkal station. I became suspicious and alerted the senior DCM and shared the man’s photo. He turned out to be 70 plus and did it for free meals.”  

Basant Kumar Sharma, Senior DCM, Jabalpur 

Unstable Mental State Is To Be Blamed:-

At Guntkal station the officials caught Pal where he confessed that whatever he did was due to his “unstable condition of mind”.Therefore a video has been recorded in which he was using fish which would “cure mental illness.”

Ultimately it was found that this man deliberately harmed the quality of food in various railway divisions. Senior citizen, Surender Pal explained the cause of his act while saying in a video when officials asked about the cause of his act.

“I have done the wrong thing. I am an old man, I am mentally unstable, I have blood cancer. Please let me go. In Punjab, there is an ayurvedic medicine. I used a fish which cures mental illness.”

In addition to this, Pal also claimed that his father was a DCM, to which officials said that it was not right to fool railways. As Railways are the pride of the nation and harming the pride of the nation is not wise. However, in this case, considering his age, officials also said that they will let him go only if he promises to change his ways.

Besides, more than 7,500 complaints have been reported against the poor quality of the food being served. In response to this Railway’s authorities have imposed fin of 1.5 crores on vendors.

Lastly, free food is what we all want but deliberately degrading the pride of the railways so as to get free food isn’t correct.

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