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NAMO use in elections – Successful Marketing Strategy 5/5 (1)


The word NaMo is a moniker given to our honorable Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra Modi. In reality it is a Sanskrit word which is used for salutation for Hindu gods. But here only used as an acronym. This acronym derived from the first two initials of his name and last name i.e ( Na +Mo namo). The Prime Minister being a public figure in India as well as in outer nations, the word NaMo has become monumental currently.

The ascendance of the word during the election campaigns evident on every part of the nation. Lexicon of products launched with the logo of NaMo acronym includes the NaMo app, NaMo TV, NaMo Facebook pages, a grocery store in United States recently changed its shop logo to NAMO INDIA BAZAAR, A group of volunteers called “Nation with Namo” support PM Narendra Modi. Aroop Datta has written a book named as NaMo.

And with election in mind, a biopic movie set to release on Narendra Modi, comprising a Rap song NaMo in it. Song got love and appraisals from the young minds of country. We can say that the use Digital Media during the election season done very efficiently by our PM, by branding the word NaMo on various platforms. This logo has gained massive amount of public response on social media. A very unique tact of catching publicity by Modi at the election timings seems to have earned a lot of success.

The Opposition parties have already complaint, about the BJP social media tweeting & asking the viewers to tune in to NaMo TV and NaMo App for PM’s rallies & speeches.

Deep description on the NaMo logo’s

The NaMo App: This is an official App by PM Narendra Modi which released on June 11, 2015. Which provides latest information, instant updates & helps to contribute towards various tasks. It is considered that on this app there is a facility to directly receive emails & messages from the PM. You can watch the “Man Ki Baat” session by the PM, read his blogs, and get personalized birthday greetings from PM. Also, a platform to share common mass ideas, views &suggestions. And also consists of some to-do tasks & earn badges from them.

NaMo TV: The television channel, covers Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election rallies, speeches & promotional events. It launched on March 31st. It is on the Broadcasting ministers list of 901 satellite TV channels. It’s a Hindi news service providing the latest breaking news on national politics.

NaMo Facebook page: The Facebook pages ‘Nation with NaMo’ & ‘NaMo 2019’ are on their toes to support Narendra Modi. These two pages have 11 lakhs+ followers and still increasing number of Modi fans. The support to Modi community multiplied exponentially with the help of these Facebook pages. They have come together for 2019 elections. This does indicate the netizens supporting the PM in 2019 elections.

Clothing Brand (N aMo India): This brand itself have 1.5 million followers. This retail apparels company brands and prints N aMo India logos. And has earned a huge market.

Grocery store (N AMO INDIA BAZAAR): This acronym is not only famous in India, but it’s used worldwide. An Indian designer from United States designed a grocery store’s logo for Shree G Grocers on 6 June 2014 and awarded the 1st place for his logo design project for a business in United States.

Nation with Namo:

This group of volunteers have stood up to support Narendra Modi. They have come up with total belief on the PM and his ruling capabilities. According to these fans Modi is the best leader for India.

“N aMo A Name, A Cult, A Visual Delight “: Many books written on Narendra Modi after he became the PM of India. Many with the acronym N aMo. “N aMo A Name, A Cult, A Visual Delight” by Aroop Datta published in 2015 cites Modi as the hope for billions of Indians. But it’s 2019 now. Things could have changed.

The NaMo song: The Biopic of the PM Mr. Narendra Modi featuring Vivek Oberoi as Narendra Modi. Director Omung Kumar, Producer Suresh Oberoi, Sandip Singh & Anand Pandit. Vivek Oberoi also contributed as a co-writer for the movie. It scheduled to release on April 11 in 23 different languages. But the election commission of India stopped the release of biopic for duration of 2019. As the movie may influence voters during election times violating Election commission rules. But on April 17 few officials of election commission have seen the special screening of biopic.

Despite public liking the N aMo logo pretty much, we can say that the moniker NaM o carefully crafted so as to create a deep impact during elections. The PM is an influential strategist applying the use of acronym NaMo for branding himself for 2019 elections.

In conclusion, do you think this strategy will win elections? Write in comments below.


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Pooja Shinde

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