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Red Bastard: Lie with Me – Showcase London Fringe Fest

Red Bastard created by Eric Davis, is a trickster who defies the rules of Love. A mischievous, mind wrapping show for everyone who’s dared to adore.

The Red devil is evil. The Red devil is funny. He feeds off your lies. He knows he is right. The infamous buffoon fuses  stand-up, theater, clown and social psychology to create powerful, thought provoking comedy.


The single man show begins with the clown in red proving each and every one that they are Liars with no exceptions.

He singles out men, women and especially couples and brings out their darker side. If he singles you out, you better pray that your partner who’s with you, doesn’t ditch you after the show.

The devil asks ” How Free Is Your Love?” and continues “You’re About to Find Out… Every. Single. One of You.”

One of the shows that is playing currently in London Fringe festival is a must watch for a mature audience.

Watch Red Bastard in Action

Beware! The Red Bastard has come to expose the lies we tell our lovers and those bastards who made us lie in the first place. To do this, he’s made a show so embarrassing, so despicable and so morally depraved.

Prudes, Cheaters and Perverts will all love this show.

He prays on men from the audience and makes them feel uncomfortable and hard for their partners to watch them getting seduced by the devil.

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