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Surf: Right Wing Groups Demand to Boycott Surf Excel Holi Ad


Surf Excel, on the occasion of Holi  came up with a heart touching message advertisement which said “daag achhe hai” in an unique concept.

The ad shows a non-Muslim girl helping a Muslim boy, who is her friend to reach the mosque. The boy escapes all the colors on his white dress with the help of the girl.

The ad promotes universal brotherhood and friendship among religions. It also shows a beautiful face of human relationships in our diverse society.

But, some right-wingers have protested against the ad calling it a promotion for “love jihad.” Unfortunately, an innocent friendship between a small girl and a boy is evil and should be cut off in the bud.

According to this people Muslim boys influence Hindu girls to convert them. In fact, #BoycottSurfExcel trending on Twitter by this group of fanatics.

See the mixed responses by netizens on the Surf excel ad.


Its elections time now and we can not refrain from recalling such acts. Someone should put these to check.

In conclusion, do you think this is justified? Should strict laws exist against such claims? How can anyone make a mole out of a hill? Make such an innocent ad sound like war on personal beliefs. Write your comments below and let us know what you think?

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