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Hacks, where we lack – Household Remedies – Must Read


Hacks, where we lack

Amongst the busy chatter, traffic roads where everyone is running one after the another to fulfill their goal or a target. We want an immediate action or a shortcut to save some time. I personally always run out of time but I don’t want you to suffer the same.


Here we are, with a number of life hacks to save your worthy time.

  1. Make your lips super plumy by adding peppermint oil to your lip gloss. ( BELIEVE ME IT WORKS!)

  1. Did you just hurt your forehead while straightening your hair?

Well, apply honey on that area. It is an antibacterial and anti- inflammatory agent.



  1. If you have downloaded a PDF file which ends with “exe”. It can contain virus. So, go hurry and delete them.



  1. Love binge watching on Netflix but don’t know what to do after series ends? Download the Upflix app to do the searching  for you.




5. Now, here is an domestic one:-

Place the peeled onions at the corners of your house to hinder the entry of rats visiting your house.




6. Pretty confused what to do when you have glitters all over your hair?

Don’t panic. Apply some olive oil for 5-7 minutes and rinse it well with a mild shampoo.

We hope these amazing hacks will help you to stay ahead of the crowd and never lack in your hacking skills.


But, if you have any more tips or hacks that you can think of. Write to us in comments.


Article By – Srishti Mathur, Ghaziabad


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