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Scam Alert! Beware of dodgy companies : Protect Yourself


Scam Alert: By the virtue of this article, I want to approach all the proficient crowd out there. They can be actors, models, singers, dancers, designers, writers or anyone who have encountered any of the deceit companies or people involved in piracy.

Some small scale companies or fraud people have build up new strategies to befool you and steal your productions(creativity).


My struggle for opting for content writing field from an English teacher flows from the creepy river of plagiarism. Why am i want to pursue content writing as a carrier is my love towards writing, by sticking to this field i can liaise with consecutive reading & writing. This will help me with my own writing projects.As unless & until you keep on writing your story writing circuit won’t work.


These people will reach you for the sake of selection procedure they’ll ask you to submit some of your sample work. And after putting a lot of efforts & hard work on your sample work. In order to selected in that particular company. When you send it to them. Same type of reply comes in return. ” You are not selected, or we’ll reach you if we have something for you.


What they do with your work sample?


They’ll make small changes in order to avoid piracy issues. Suppose if it is an article they change the sentence formations and publish your article on their name.


I’m not writing this piece as my usual work assignments. But to share my experience with all other creative workers who have undergone such situations. Want to share what i have confronted with real names of companies. But better not to mention them.


Met few companies for the job profile of a content writer and what i got is complete dismay.The first company was based in Kharadi. They contacted me for an interview. They have reached me through an online job portal as i have applied for the same.They first asked me to submit an article on a given topic of 600 words.


Which I submitted in next five hours in order to make the selection process quick. Then they called me for interview to Kharadi. I went all the way long from Katraj to Kharadi. I travel by local bus so, it took one & a half hour to reach the decided place. And approx 100 bugs for bus & auto charges.


What I saw? was a couple, a girl of around age 30 & same aged boy to take the interview for a startup company.Their was no office, they took my interview in CCD (cafe coffee day) the best place to discuss anything over coffee.There i had only 2 glasses of water and no CCD coffee as the heat was killing me. They saw my potential as well as lack of confidence. And again demanded for two more articles to take the final step.The Robbin hood inside the guy was still alive, so he paid my cab charges from kharadi to katraj. Despite me insisting on paying it myself. And on the next day when I gave my sample work. They gifted me with a statement of describing flaws in my writing.

Scam: What fake info they gave me?

A renovating office behind the world trade center kharadi. which actually  does not exist.The name of two companies which are not there on any of the social sites or website. And a promising job for content writer post.An already setup Hindi newspaper & magazine company from Madhya Pradesh which now wants to start a new digital magazine venture. As it is a thriving business they want me to help them grow and vise versa.


I was like wow, I can give my Hindi poetry too. So, much of my writing stuff queued for publishing. Poetry, scripts, stories, articles… My dream clouds got vanished when I realized they were some small scale company or already working content writers who want free of cost articles to ease their task.


What sought of writer you are if you need to steal someone’s endeavor.An innovative person is always known for its resourcefulness. How could this flow of continuous creative inventions from the” God of Muses” have suddenly ended up giving their blessings.


The next encounter was with a PVT. IMT. Company they applied the same strategy. After placing requirement for one sample article they replied. ” The consent person have said no to your article”.My low confidence and middle class mentality thought of improving my writing skills to get approved by some organisation.


This repeated for 5 to 6 times but the last time was this marketing firm. They made me realize the whole game of piracy. They want me to write video scripts for the product adds of their client companies.


The HR girl kept calling me until. I have handover them the sample script and on the next day. I tried calling them their phone was not reachable. Eventually both the HR girl & the contact person evaporated they blocked my number. Then in the evening, I called them from my friends number. It got connected & he received it. His answer was as expected ” We have sent your sample script to the consent person he’ll give his feedback till tomorrow morning.”

When I heard the same dialogue, I felt stupefied, ” This is what is happening to me for the 6th time. Now this is the end I have to take some action.


Here, All the artists from various fields who have faced such type of incidents & have proof against these fraud companies. Please comment below. What must be the solution to not let talent go waste because of such thieves.
No one has a right to break anyone’s en tho & hope. So, many talented minds opt for compromising jobs due to disappointment.

Say no to Scam! Scam! Scam!

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