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Sex Education

Sex Education:

Sex or sexual intercourse, a really normal phenomenon in every living organism’s life which exist on earth. And simply means sexual contact between individuals involving penetration.

But what it has actually come is the biggest problem especially in some countries with rigid cultural impact and tradition. India being one of them. Here what happens is that every adult hesitates to talk about or rather i’ll say pronounce the word sex.

Think what happens in a country where even using the term sex in front of your family members is a sin. Rather than normalizing this phenomenon we focus on or in a habit of making it a big havoc. A child needs proper knowledge and guidance about every new thing he discovers in his life while stepping forward. Same is with the case of sex or intercourse. The curiosity with increasing age is normal. And there is no choice of the child in that it’s more of the internal and hormonal growth taking place.

That provokes him or makes him curious towards the phenomenons like attraction with another individual, sexual assessment and intercourse. But the drawback he faces is the least support from the family and other adults in his reach. And here comes the major issue somewhere also responsible for forced sex and rapes.

The way they get or grab the knowledge about sex and related stuffs. The most unreliable source Internet and same category friends. Who are themselves going though the same crisis. And why does this happen because parents feel hesitation while indulging in such talks. They avoid sex related talks which is the reason of improper and incomplete knowledge.

And i think you all might have heard of this saying that any type of incomplete knowledge is more harmful that no knowledge. Parents let their child know more about intercourse with time from their surroundings.

So, called concerned parents who poked their wards even when they scored a grade less in exams now when it comes to the real support and education put off their hands from the child’s shoulder.

Why do you hesitate to give sex education to your child. Why not to comfort them by giving a support telling them what ever the issue maybe. We are always there standing just like we always do you can talk to us we will tell you the right thing and give the accurate knowledge.

Being a parent of this century one should freely talk to their kids about sexual choices, intercourse, attraction, masturbation, reproduction and other safety measures too. A parent can be an all time support it’s just that you need to be free with your kinds and know that they are growing or will grow. Better to show them the correct path otherwise there is no lack of evil in the market.

They need your support stand with them.

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