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Special Touch : A feeling never be forgone ! 5/5 (15)



A special touch : It’s day in my life, i found wind blowing from my side.

It felt like a tickle in my ears and somehow rushed my tears.

I felt it in my heart, It was a glance of my past.

A voice never forgot, it’s a girl in a dress with white polca dot.

I turned my back and thought to run again, was it the atmosphere that caused the pain.

It was her, the girl i cherish. In my world she came like a bliss.

Seeing her i could remember that day. The touch of my lover and the kiss of my bae.

Without even a second thought i clinched her waist. She grabbed in tightly and we went to another place.

The feeling was new, can never be forgone. We were into each other and the wind was on.

I felt her curves with my hands. We were together in our secret clan.

Her lips on mine is something i would like to rewind. In that moment i was her and she was mine.

It was something without a tag. Any tag can make it look bad.

But now i think should i turn my back. Or it’s the time two warriors can conquer the world with their racks.

We Feel Special Once In Life

These lines about special touch are somewhere for those who fear. A woman is strong and being with another woman is not wrong. If this is who you are then do not fear. Be strong and take a stand, don’t feel shame for yourself, The way you will look your yourself others will believe the same. So, be strong it’s nothing wrong. Just tried to sum up in few lines, Give it a thought it’s all fine. Share your thoughts on how you feel. Every single thought is respected, It’s ones opinion and can never be neglected.


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