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Shaheen Bagh Gunman Jan 30, 1948, Godse; Jan 30, 2020 Gopal

shaheen bagh gunman

Shaheen Bagh Gunman:

India 2020 in despicable state of affairs.


Modi-Shah’s Hindutva terrorist firing at anti-CAA-anti-NRC protesters of JMI this afternoon.

One student has been shot in his arm.

Look how the Delhi Police – under Home Ministry – is watching – as if they knew what will happen and have been told not to intervene.

This terrorist’s name, interestingly, is Rambhakt. Exactly 72 years back, the first Hindu terrorist, Godse, assassinated Gandhiji. He came from the same terrorist outfit that Modi comes from – RSS. And now Modi has sown seeds for more such Godses to emerge and destroy the idea of India, first in 2002 and now in 2020 with the slogan “Goli maaro saalo ko”. We must join hands to fight such a fascist whose only objective is to divide and conquer.

What we find surprising is that, this guy’s picture was clicked, while he was about to fire rather than stop him. Judging by the composition and depth of field, that’s clearly a telephoto lens. The guy who took the picture was probably nowhere close to him. Also, taking a picture was the best he could do.

It seemed like a policeman was trying to creep up to him to nab him from behind. The shooter noticed the cop at the last moment and fired in haste. But, it’s not right to keep dissing cops for no reason. They are just doing their jobs.

Isn’t this really unbelievable though. Could you have personally thought of being able to do that in front of police, media.

There’s absolutely no fear of getting any repercussions.

One can fire multiple shots at police even in that situation, many people can possibly die.

This kind of political planning with police is something I would’ve though of only seeing in movies with completely corrupt governments.

1919: Jaliawala Bagh; 2019, Shaheen Bagh. Jan 30, 1948, Godse; Jan 30, 2020 Gopal.

Shaheen Bagh Gunman


It’s even more insidious when such terror acts are committed in the name of a god and motherland.

Is India becoming like USA? We see the same anger and hatred, injected into Americans by Donald Trump, injected into our citizens in the name of nationalism by RSS and Modi-Shah combo. Not far away are days when shootings at a concert or mall will be routine!

But it is very important we separate Hindutva from the extremist groups which preach hatred while trying to capture power and eliminate those that don’t align with their ideology.

Hindutva has only destroyed Hinduism’s image.

Shaheen Bagh Gunman

We should differentiate between hinduism and hindutva. Hinduism is the all encompassing culture of many different traditions. But, Hindutva is the radical ideology propagated by Savarkar. And hindutva is something that should be stopped because that has and will lead to more terrorism.

The extremists and fundamentalists of any ideology know very well what they are doing. But, if the fundamentalists are wrong, there is something wrong with the fundamentals itself.

But reason why Hindutva grew is something we have to introspect. It has been too much of appeasement of Muslim radicals by secular parties, too much burden of one sided secularism on Hindus.People haven’t magically become right wingers since 2014. Also, this has been a slow death.

We would be really glad if Hindutva gets irrelevant but unless liberals of this country don’t take out their ostrich necks to the ground realities, it’s never gonna happen. But, 282 in 2014. Also, 303 in 2019. Moreover, God knows how many in 2024

In the name of god such terrorism spreading in our country. This is so shameful that instead of getting good education and jobs this has become priority for some people.


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