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Smriti Irani shut by locals during a rally in Madhya Pradesh – Video

smriti irani

Smriti Irani in Ashok nagar(M.P)

During a campaign rally for the Low Sabha Election in Ashok Nagar, Smriti Irani, Union Minister, had to face an embarrassment situation.  While delivering speeches at the campaigns, ministers seek validations from the local attendees. PM Modi as the prime example of this.

Smriti following the correspondent-in-chief of the Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP), Namo, had to face an embarrassing situation. While Addressing the people of Ashok Nagar, Smriti asked them “During the campaigns Congress promised to waive off the farm loans. Did they do it? Were your loans waived off?? Expecting an answer in her favour, she was astonishingly let down, when a huge crowd started chanting: “ho gaya!! ho gaya!!”(yes it’s done). To this ironical and unenviable  situation, Smriti silenced for almost 30 secs.

This verbiage from the locals proved that Congress stood to their promises. The video of this blooper posted on the official twitter handle of the Indian National Congress Madhya Pradesh. Also following this incident, Congress-led delegations, dumped papers at the doorstep of Shivraj’s residence(Former Chief Minister of M.P). These papers show that the farmers have already received a break from their farm loans.This was an answer to Shivraj’s alleged comments on Congress Party, of not following their poll promises.

Watch the video of this hilarious blooper below:


In conclusion, what do you think about the mood of public? Who do you think has a upper hand, BJP or Congress?

But, do write your comments below. Moreover, go out and vote.

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