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gang raped

Gang Raped: On 16 December 2012, the nation witnessed one of the heinous crime of the century in Munirka . A 23 year old women along with her friend were travelling in a private bus where she was beaten, brutally gang raped and tried to murder. On 29 December the patient transferred to Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth for further organ transplant. During this flight the victim suffered brain damage which ultimately led to her death.  This incident acquired widespread national and international support from lakhs of people who protested for the justice.

Even after witnessing such heart breaking crime, the rising percentage of rape among Indian mass did not stop there.

In Hapur , Uttar Pradesh a widowed women  sold by her father and her relative for 10,000 INR . She later gang raped by the man who bough her with his friends. Believed that the man who bought her took loan from several people . To get rid of debt, he sent the victim to various households for domestic help, where the woman was repeatedly raped and brutally beaten.

Gang Raped

After being mentally and physically traumatized , the victim set herself on fire last month and is now struggling to survive with major burns on her body.

Hapur’s SP Yashveer Singh said that an FIR(first information report) against 14 people under the charges of rape . The survivor has suffered unimaginable conditions due to Hapur police who refused to register and FIR even after her repeated complaints .

The recklessness of UP police has compelled the victim to immolate herself.  It is speculated that she is still under treatment  and battling for her life in Delhi . The Delhi Commission of Women has taken up her case . The DCW has further sent a letter to UP CM Yogi Adityanath seeking justice for women . The letter also includes the carelessness of UP police who neglected her multiple complaints.




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