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Voting is your Right! Say yes to vote


Voting is your Right. Yes, current days are the seasons of voters. Voters are worshiped in these days, they get special attention. Every person feels proud that they are a unique citizen of the country India. A voter that may be from a middle class, lower class or from high-class everyone gets priority. But these priorities and attention only remain for two or three months, or we can say in the political seasons. After that voters become ‘Aam Adami’ and remain normal.

Why vote…?

Many people say that we not interested in voting, every party is corrupt, no one is good here. But wait…not everything is bad, not everyone is bad and corrupt, you just have to see the world with open eyes, not with the curtains of caste, gender, and religion. voting is our right, or we can say that voting is our tool to change the government, by this we can challenge the values and rules. So, there are plenty of reasons for which you can vote.

Whom to vote

The current but sad scenario of India is that most of the percentage of our population vote according to caste, gender, and religion. One of the bad way it is.

The answer of whom to vote is, watch the qualities of the candidate, not the political party. Research a bit and study what is needed in your area. Check who’s manifesto is based according to your need. Vote for development, vote for humanity. You should not remain biased in voting. Moreover, voting not only decides a single person’s future, it decides the future of our whole country. So, we must have to take care of our future of our country.

Oldest voter from Delhi Bachan Singh, at the age of 111 has not missed voting ever since 1951. So, what your excuse?

Don’t remain biased, go and vote for the future.

Article by

Vinit Vaibhav (Malout, Punjab)

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