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6 New WhatsApp Features Are All Set To Enter The Competitive Market

WhatsApp feature
source: Deccan Herald

As writing letters is considered old school and though it has been left out in the tech race. Eventually, instant messaging has become pretty much important in the market. To stay updated apps like WhatsApp needs to launch new features. Though reports do confirm that WhatsApp is working on certain new features that will be launched soon. So, today we are going to tell you about then 6 new WhatsApp features.


The 6 WhatsApp features Are As Follows:-

1. Dark Mode:-

After social media platforms like Gmail and Facebook, now WhatsApp has decided to launch dark mode. There are two advantages of this mode- less strain on eyes and less use of the battery. Despite its positive aspect, the dark mode also looks way more stylish. In this mode, the background will be black.

Dark Mode in Whatsapp.
source: Dignited

2. Scanning QR Codes for Adding Contacts:-

There are times when we feel lazy to even add contacts. Considering this, WhatsApp is coming soon with a new method of adding contacts by scanning QR code.

WhatsApp feature of scanning QR codes to add a contact.
source: The Mobile Indian

3. Having Separate Web Page:-

Having a WhatsApp webpage is not a new thing. But though it comes with a condition that on the phone one should be online. This new feature is not independent but serves as a stimulator.

source: Reddit

4. Payment Through WhatsApp (Interesting WhatsApp Feature):-

Ever wished to pay someone online through WhatsApp? However, online payment or cashless payment is encouraged while considering this drive, WhatsApp will soon launch this new feature. This form of service is being tested by over a million users since 2018 February.

source: The Better India

5. Sharing WhatsApp Status On Other Apps:-

WhatsApp soon will be launching a feature which will help you to share your WhatsApp stories with other apps. However, this feature is available for beta testers and soon will be available for the public.

source: PhoneRadar

6. Ads In Stories:-

Well, if you are interested in promoting your product then Whatsapp is the platform. It has given a great opportunity for the dealers while encouraging marketing tactics. This feature will come in effect in 2020.

source: UG TECH MAG

Well, what do you think about these upcoming WhatsApp features? Share your views in the comment section below.

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