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Stand up Comedian, Kunal Kamra seems disappointed after BJP wins.

Kunal Kamra seems disappointed.
Kunal Kamra during his Stand up Comedy 2019

While the hustle and bustle during elections was at regular pace. The wait for elections is over, confirming the results in favour of BJP. BJP formerly called, Bharatiya Janata Party has gained its victory for consecutive years for the General Elections due to which Kunal Kamra seems disappointed.

As PM Narendra Modi, proudly tweets to express his happiness about the result also said it is the victory of the nation.

Thus, Indian media continues to provide information about elections and also showcases BJP’s victory in full portrait. Here, foreign media also shares the joy.

Modi, 68, has carefully constructed an image of himself as the pious man of the people, a would-be- monk called to politics who has elevated India’s status globally and transformed its parliamentary elections from a contest of political parties on social and economic issues from a cult of personality.”

BJP supporters.
BJP supporters while celebrating victory. Source: Washington Post


The news which bought happiness for many contrary, turns out as a black hole for the famous comedian Kunal Kamra. He has his witty humor as his weapon to criticise things, he doesn’t believe in. While checking out his social media account one would infer his take on the Ruling party especially Narendra Modi.

He also shares a Tweet..

As every individual has the the right to express his words, Kunal Kamra is utilising this right at full length. We live in a democratic world where we act as the ultimate supreme power. The landslide victory of BJP is more than a political victory. Where one calls it ‘influencing people’ Kamra relates this to mass manipulation. He says that-

‘I really think corporations should fight for elections because the only thing for them is development.’  (Cannot agree more..)

At last, despite having an ardent disbelieve in Narendra Modi’s working. He shares a heartfelt video on his Instagram account congratulating PM.


Here, is a stand up comedy of Kunal Kamra. Well, the T-shirt speaks it all.



Modi supporters might call him ‘anti-nationalist’ for his opinions. But I would call him a person with witty nature, who can rule the market of hot topics.

At last, what do you think about this result? Tell us, in the comment section below.

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