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Suicide: Who is responsible? Bank or Relatives


Suicide: The inhuman act of the Bank:

When we talk about mental pressure a series of events are recalled. An incident of a 19 year old girl and her mother of 42 year old committed suicide by setting themselves on fire. This incident has its traces in the southern region of India i.e Neyyattinkara a district of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerela.

This happened on Tuesday after a public sector bank commonly called Canara Bank, allegedly threatened to attach their house for failing to repay loan. The amount was 7.80 lakhs which was taken 15 years ago to buy their present house.

Vaishnavi, a 19 year old girl struggled through the pain of burns while her mother was reported to be dead at Thiruvanthapuram Medical College Hospital with 90% burns.

The local legislator, C. K Hareendran claimed that he tried to settle the case between both parties. He also blames the bank for the mishappening and the loss of the family.

The girl’s father, K Chandran reports that he was not there at the time of this unfortunate event.  He further says, even after they were able to get some time to pay still …”bank officials called my wife to pay the due or face attachment“. As per reports, he had repaid 8 lakhs and has to repay 5 lakh more with penalties.

An official of Canara bank, didn’t want to gain limelight reports,  that they didn’t repay the principal amount and the interest for the last 5 years. He says this forced the bank  to attach their house as per the court’s order. As a result of inhuman attitude, a case was filed against the manager.

Suicide note brings a new side:

The dust of blame game wiped off, when a 3 page suicide note was found on the house wall. Earlier, relatives said the attaching of house by the bank showcasing their ‘inhuman attitude’ made them upset which led their death. But the suicide note told a different story.

In the note, Lekha Chandran (42 years) blamed her husband, mother-in-law and two relatives as the prime causes for the twin murder. Her husband did not do anything in order to save their house but used his manly power to build pressure on his wife. To which she continues,  it was him, who insisted her to bring money from her maternal house to pay the debt. She further mentioned, they both were subjected to black magic and also survived through poison that her mother-in-law gave them.

Besides the three-page suicide note both wrote on the wall about the plight they were undergoing. It seems relatives were trying to mislead the inquiry blaming the bank. We will get a clear picture only after questioning them in detail,

-said Thiruvananthapuram rural SP P Ashok Kumar

As a result, K. Chandran , her mother with her sister, Shanta and her husband Kasinathan got arrested. The suicide note was found on Wednesday.

Such cases of sin have always been reported. Here, the question lies ‘Does this punishment will give justice to the brave souls?’

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