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Kiran Khalap: From Monk To Millionaire

Kiran Khalap: In today’s world where Business is becoming a front foot even Monks are transforming into entrepreneurs. So, here is this article based on one such man Mr. Kiran Khalap.

Kiran Khalap is 61 years entrepreneur and a CEO of one of the world’s most successful company Chlorophyll brand and communications consultancy. He has become a business ideal and mentor for many youth and upcoming entrepreneurs.

How he started?

Kiran started his career with a spiritual beginning and then went to conquer the world of business and entrepreneurship. As a kid he was deeply curious about the questions of life, truth and reality and so with this curiosity he read loads of books regarding philosophy. Going from books like Immanuel Kant to Upanishads and what not but understood nothing till he read J. Krishnamurti who is known as a 20th century Buddha. Since that time everything changed in his life and it became phenomenally disciplined. He always say that book was a life changer for him after which he told his father that he will show his gratitude to J. Krishnamurti by helping him and following his path. Krishnamurti said that instead of living like a monk when you are grown old you should rather influence youngsters.

His pathway to success

After getting hugely influenced by his mentor, at the age of 25 he decide to work as a school teacher at J. Krishnamurti foundation in Banaras. At this point he was not even a graduate. School was his first step towards his vision. Immediately after that he transferred into the world of advertising and branding and became the advertising mogul. He faced many ups and downs in this journey to success but what always left with him was his meditation. He tells that his day starts with meditation it gives him the power of control and balances breathing, mind and body. According to him it was meditation and lack of ambition which played a major role in his success. He always say do not misunderstand lack of ambition with lack of purpose as they are completely different and he always had a purpose. He always had  purpose to perform best.

Today he is at a path of great success but still didn’t deviated from his vision of glory.

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