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The reality of India- Marital Rape – SHAME 5/5 (1)

marital rape

“Everyone acts like consent is a complicated thing, but no, it’s not. Everyone knows they have it or not and it’s your job to know that”
A world where women have been discriminated for centuries, a country where rape is equated as a common mistake committed by the men folk, a capital ,notorious as the rape capital and a sacred institution where there is apparently a thing called ‘legal’ rape. Yes, this is a sad reality-where sex denied by a woman to her husband is not legally a rape. However, marital Rape is an unquestionable reality in India. But according to the sacrosanct values imbued in us, it’s a wife job to provide sex to her husband and a sin to deny it.

While we put our husbands as ‘pati parmeshwar’ and our women as ‘daasi’. Also, we justify it legally with reasons like lack of evidence and douse it as an affair of our culture and value. But isn’t there only reason that perhaps we are too ashamed to admit? The deep rooted patriarchal notion that has corrupted our mind. The reality that is not allowing half of the population to emancipate from fetters of the inciting violence and misogyny.


If number is the language we understand, and then let’s talk numbers .According to the UN, one in every 10 women has been sexually abused by her husband and only 1% cases are actually reported. The only message non criminalisation of marital rape gives us is the fact that marriage is the license to have sex. That a man is entitled to a woman’s body because he is always the ringmaster in the marriage. And a women? A woman is person who is there to be at the edge of his knifes. Suffering all the ordeals because it’s your ‘duty’ as a woman to make the sacrifice.

What lawmakers are debating about is a reality for some of the women. Their scourge is evident in the emergency rooms. Wake up India.


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