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How to get started with Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux : How to start using Ubuntu Linux for beginners.

Windows users are switching to Ubuntu Linux and it’s a pretty good choice. It is clean, has a nice design and performs well. Overall it’s a decent operation system and it’s completely free. 

With so many reasons to switch to Ubuntu Linux. My main reason is to stop using pirated software. And come to the safe side. 

But then how will you edit a word or excel file or create one? You are so used to Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft power point, adobe photoshop? 

You needn’t worry about that. 

Ubuntu Linux has free alternatives to many of your common Windows softwares. For example, Microsoft Word’s alternative is a software called Libre writer and Excel’s alternative is Libre Sheets among many, even adobe photoshop has a free alternative called Gimp. And the list goes on…

The functionality of Linux like in installing some software which is unavailable in ubuntu software center is different from windows but it shouldn’t take more than a week to make you at home and to get used to it. And it’s fun. 

In this guide, you will learn how to get the two basic software which are mandatory for basic usage of Linux while also getting an overview of how to install other software and also how to get things done in Ubuntu Linux.

1.  photoshop

2.  VLC player

Google Chrome

Ubuntu linux’s default browser is ice weasel. Which is good and still alot better than internet explorer, but it won’t let you save your settings and apps to later continue your work on other devices. 

Ubuntu, unlike kali linux, has a software store with it and allows you to get any software available on Linux like you’d do on an appstore, playstore etc. 

How to Install Google Chrome in

Ubuntu Linux

1.  Open terminal by pressing ctrl+t.

2.  Download the package by typing` 

$ wget


3.  Install Google chrome by typing: 

$ sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

5.  After the installation. Tap the Windows key on your keyboard and type Chrome.  Click Google Chrome and hopefully chrome will open.

How to Install VLC multimedia player

You can do the same thing as Google chrome installation above like using wget to download dpkg to install 

Or you can search for VLC in Ubuntu Software Centre and install from there… here’s how:

1.  Open up ubuntu software and search for VLC Player.

2.  Click and install it. 

Conclusion: So now you know how to install software in Linux. It seems tough but now it’d be clear its not. 

But, if you need any help or have any advice, comment below.

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