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UPSC IAS Topper: Trolled Over Social Media for being Disabled 5/5 (5)


UPSC topper :Trolling one of the biggest nightmare. Not only for girls but for each and every person existing in this world. A weapon that not just harms you physically but destroys your mental peace.

But it’s most frequently used as a gear to destroy someone progressing in life. Demotivating them. Ending their self esteem. Their energy to be themselves. Just to protect ourselves. Lessen up the competition and prove ourselves superior.

Certainly In the hurry of making ourselves feel better and superior. We stop thinking about the feelings of others and lacks humanity.

Something similar happened recently to a really great girl. Who proved herself in every-way possible. Even after being a UPSC Topper. Ira Singhal was trolled badly over the internet.

Ira has become a victim of trolling on social media. As she shared a post in which she was subjected to verbal abuse.

Hiding Behind A Screen : Never Makes One Superior Says The UPSC Topper

Ira added an account on Facebook and wrote. :

“For anyone who thinks people with disabilities don’t have to face anything. As the world is nice and kind. – Just sharing someone’s comments from my Instagram account. A face of cyber-bullying.”

“Unfortunately someone who cannot be bullied is being attempted to be bullied. And this is probably a person who wants to be a Civil Servant. This is why we need Inclusive Schools. And this is why we need our education system to focus on producing better human beings. More than anything else.”

Above all Ira was the topper of 2014 civil service examination. And was the first candidate to top the general category. Despite being differently-abled.

She first sat in the UPSC examination in the year 2010 and secured 815th rank. Still she was not allotted and position due to her disability. But her will power never made her let go.

Hence, she didn’t give up and again sat for the examination in 2014. Securing 1st position in the general category. And got a posting in Hyderabad.

Thus she is definitely a model of dedication and achievements in life. Also, has inspired many by her will-power and zeal.

Trolling a personality like this by just sitting behind the screen. Hiding your real self never makes a person cool but a real coward.

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