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Yoga: With our fast paced life, we are constantly in a race to make millions. So much and so fast that we forget about our most prized possession- our health. But, we are taught from our childhood that ‘Health is wealth’. But in our monotonous life with a morbid lifestyle, health is hardly considered equivalent to wealth.

Today the nation will be celebrating its 5th International Yoga day. The IYD was unanimously voted by UNGA and its a matter of great pride that it was none other than our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who had proposed 21st July for IYD. He addressed Yoga as a uniting force all over the world. It wasn’t a hyperbole that he called Yoga as a uniting force. Yoga indeed has many advantages. It is not only a physical exercise but stimulates our mind. Also, it improves our performance at workplace, has a positive impact on our personal relationships and helps us to maintain harmony with the surroundings in which we live.

The best part about Yoga is that unlike other exercises, it is suitable for all kinds of ages. Yoga has something to offer to everyone, be it a hopeful child, an aspiring youth, a parent, or senior citizens. Infact the ancient practice of Yoga originated in India itself. Surprisingly, there were stone carved figures of Yoga postures in Indus valley. In India Yoga has always been more than a physical exercise. Its a multi dimensional practice that helps your body to connect to your spiritual core. Moreover, its a beautiful combination for breathing movement that provides peace to mind and strength, flexibility and grace to body.

Yoga Benefits

Men and women mostly practice Yo-ga to reduce weight or as a form of physical exercise which has various benefits. So, this includes increased muscle strength, better athletic performance, improved metabolism and better respiration and heart health. Yo-ga also reduces stress, relieves one of anxiety and even promotes sleep quality and meditative strength.

Its not important for you to perfect every posture. However it is important for you to practice Yo-ga for atleast 15 minutes a day to gain mental peace in your fast moving lifestyle.

You do not need a Yo-ga instructor to practice Y-oga. But, just start right now and don’t forget to practice every day.

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