Neighbors Pakistan and Afghanistan: The World-Cup Clash CRICKET 5/5 (4)

neighbors pakistan and afghanistan

Being neighbors Pakistan and Afghanistan faced each other for the pivotal world cup of 2019. This encounter between the neighbors took a catastrophic turn. A huge clash was observed erupting between the neighbors this Saturday.

This clash took all over the twitter as great number of videos have circulated showing the fierce clashes. Happened during the 1st half of the game. According to the source at-least 2 people were also evicted from the Headingley stadium.

Those evicted continued the commotion even outside the stadium. Above all the fans also brutally harmed the journalists filming the fight.

“Supporters of Afghanistan cricket team go violent outside the #Headingley cricket stadium Attempt to break down security gate, throw bottles at the security team manning gates, police makes two arrests for violent actions.” tweeted a Pakistani reporter in Headingley.

Certainly, there have also been reports of fans entering the stadium illegally and occupying seats.

Neighbors clash in the public

From the videos on spreading on twitter one can notice Afghanistan fans beating up a spectator wearing a Pakistan jersey. While another shows another set of fans clashing with security personnel. Most of the tweets blame the Afghanistan fans for causing the commotion.

Also videos of two aeroplane banner messages went viral . While one said “Help end dissapearances in Pakistan,” the other said “Justice for Balochistan.”

Fighting anywhere is not fine and totally lacks humanity. But taking the neighboring fights to the ground of some other country is really shameful. This incident doesn’t do any good to anyone neither creating a whole havoc did any good. Between both the countries. It only made fun of their citizens on an international platform.

This chaos has turned out to be a great medium on social media to circulate and make fun about. How the grudges between neighbors Pakistan and Afghanistan has become so big. That their citizens are in a state to slit out each other.

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