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Around 600 Divers Broke The Guinness World Record By Becoming Largest Underwater Cleanup Crew.

source: Forbes

The alarming risk about the existence of Plastic demon is not new to us. The uses of plastic are increasing day by day. Hence, beyond terrestrial life, it is aquatic life which is paying the price because of us. Considering this, a great bunch of over 600 humans carried their tanks and wore their swimsuits to save some aquatic lives in ocean. They broke the record by becoming the largest underwater cleanup crew on 15th June, 2019.

Largest Underwater Cleanup Crew

Approximately 633 divers at Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier in Florida got together to clean the 0cean. Eventually, they made a record in Guinness World Record of Most participants in an underwater cleanup in 24 hours’

An Event That Bought Change:

According to CNN ,  633 divers retrieved at least 1,626 pounds of trash. They also retrieved 9000 items 3,200 pounds of marine debris were also held in an account.

The divers came from the parts of Europe and South America to join hands for this event. There was a total of 633 divers who assembled on Saturday, 15th June. They also broke a record in 2015 by 614 divers in the Red Sea in Egypt. 

The authorities of Deerfield Beach, Florida have taken their responsibility to recycle and dispose of debris, based on whatever they found. It included lead sinkers, a boat ladder, and a barbell according to CNN.

Largest Underwater Cleanup Crew, Celebrates:

The entire noble event was organized by Project AWARE and PADI. In an aim to showcase that when it comes to conservation of lives, people from various parts of the globe may unite. “To say today’s collaboration of The World Record Clean-up Event hosted by Dixie Divers was a success is an understatement,” said Jack Fishman, Conservation Officer.

Broke The Record And Celebration Continues.

This largest underwater cleanup crew has won our hearts through their act and intention. It is not just an event anymore but also it has become an eye opener for all those who are still waiting for a ‘right’ moment.

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