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Does free travel for women implies for their safety as well?

free travel

Delhi :

Delhi’s Chief Minister , Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has announced free travel for women in Delhi . All the women in Delhi will be allowed to  travel for free in Delhi Metro and Delhi buses. This move will be cleared in the coming two-three months.

In a press conference CM Kejriwal said that ,” Public transport has always been considered safe for women . By keeping this in vision , free metro and bus service will be provided for every women in Delhi. Government is ready to pay their transportation charges.”

He further added to his statement that,” it would cost the Delhi government Rs. 700-800 crore this year. Women which are financially strong enough to pay the transportation charges , need not take benefit of this proposed plan.”

Likewise, around 1.5 Lakh CCTV camera to installed on roads for ensuring women’s safety their as well.

Why is it being criticized ?

While the proposed plan was welcomed and greeted by many , it received strong criticism from others as well. A large question that arises is ‘How free travel for women ensures their safety as well’? Travel expense was never a hurdle before women to reach their home safely .

This plan is being slammed with the quesetion that whether or not this plan is going to ensure women’s safety .

How will the state government overcome the huge loss which is going to take place after this plan’s implementation ?

Is this move just to attract votes for the coming assembly elections in 2020?

This plan has taken over the internet with thousands of people tweeting their opinions :


Men are too unhappy with CM’s decision taking it as a gender biased decision .

“One way you are empowering women by educating them, giving them jobs and equal rights. On the other hand you are impairing them by giving free services. It will have a negative intention on the other gender. Any decision, especially political, should be made for bringing about parity or on economic conditions of the concerned, not on the gender sense,” Manisha Chaturvedi, a regular metro commuter, said.

Why is this supported ?

Most noteworthy with many men and women criticizing this as a gender biased or difference of opinion, a part of population is heartily welcoming this .

Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia took DTC ride from ITO to get feedback from the Aam Janta. He said that he did not find even one citizen who opposed this idea.

“I never travel in Metro, if it becomes free I can finally take Metro rides,” said a women to him.

“I have to shell out Rs 1,000 every month on a bus pass. Public transport is better in terms of safety. We feel safe while using public transport,” a college student told.

Another passenger, Gayatri, said she cannot afford commuting in Metro trains hence she uses buses. “There will be free ride for women in Metro. So, I will feel safer in Metro trains,” she said. 

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