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Monarchy in West Bengal?

Mamta Banerjee

Monarchy in WB: In India, Lok Sabha elections are held every 5 years. There are 545 seats in Lok Sabha and people elect their leader through voting. India is a democratic country, where people have the right to vote. Mamta Banerjee became Chief Minister of West Bengal on 20th May 2011. Mamta Banerjee is from Bangladesh, who have stayed in India after the Partition in 1999.

Few of the Monarchical Things happened in West Bengal

  • In a democracy, people have the right to freedom of speech but in Mamata Banerjee’s Bengal, you simply do not do anything that irks the Chief Minister. In 2012 a professor in Kolkata was beaten up by TMC workers just because he started sharing cartoons or memes which are meant to be taken lightly. Seven years later things have remained the same. Priyanka Sharma, a BJYM worker in Howrah, was arrested for having shared a meme on Banerjee. Later she was arrested for the same. For more details:
  • After when she had to come to power people are threatened if they vote to any other party other than TMC then they might get you killed. The people who are willing to give a vote other than TMC are stopped and instead a TMC worker gives. The state police are in control of Mamta Banerjee. If anyone tries to stop any TMC worker from doing so they are killed right away, even the police.

In the recent election

This time during elections SC had deployed the central force to ensure that people give their votes according to their will. From the past two elections, Mamta di said that the state police will handle the situation, but this time the SC refused to listen. That’s why out of 42 seats TMC has won 24 seats and BJP 18, unlike last time.

And it was also alleged that the Bengal CM has brought voters from Bangladesh. But this time the central police have successfully caught them red-handed.

It’s time that people stand to their rights and raise their voice against this type of monarchy.

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