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CALCUTTA: Bengal Goes to Vote: What to remember


Calcutta Goes to Vote: Just a gentle reminder before you vote because every vote counts !

Calcutta will vote tomorrow and when you cast your vote give following factors a thought:-
1. Meat is important for us, be it Kali pujo, ashtami, biye badi or a casual sunday. We don’t want vigilantes to dictate us or kill us for what we eat.
2. We believe in harmony, we coexist with people of all religion and ethnicity. Our city treats, kabulis, afganis,Armenians,Muslims, Hindus, Paris, Jains, equally and we dont want any ridge between us.
3 . We celebrate holi, eid, Dussehra, paryushan, Muharram together.
4. China Town and pork bun is heaven and no one should interfere.
5. Arsalan and royal is love and must remain so.
6. We have never discriminated between Kumhartuli and Kidderpore and we like to keep it that way


7. For us entally, chaltabagan and 24 pally Alipore is equal when it comes to pujo.
8. We enjoy sewai on eid and dance with our muslim friends on pujo bhasaan. This can’t change and let’s keep it that way.
9. We treat history as history and cherish it. We don’t intend to change it.
10. For us, Kobi Guru and Nazrul Da are same. And we don’t intend to change the names of our streets and cities because its named after a muslim.
11. We make love by choice and we don’t want anyone slapping us for being in love. BasantPanchami
12. We believe in and respect LGBTQIA rights. We want our Crawford market to be even more colourful, where people can hold hands without fear.

It’s Calcutta and they should know, we can’t be fooled and we would like to keep our addas full of love and acceptance, the way it was meant to be.

In conclusion, do what is best for Bengal and Calcutta.

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