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Majority of the wedding in India are celebrated as festive occasions with great pomp and show.  It is a sight of extensive colors, costumes, decorations, music, rituals and dance and that depend on the religion of the groom and the bride, as well as their preferences. India celebrates about 10 million weddings per year of which 80% are Hindu weddings.

The deep rooted cultural and ritual beliefs signify the importance of marriage that is not only the union of two individuals, but the family of both bride and the groom as a whole, symbolic of beautiful and noble sentiments.

With globalization and liberalization, marriages are no longer arranged through families, but now there are professional bureaus and websites that match both the bride and the groom’s interest and preferences while charging a fee and aim at helping people to select their partner on the basis of compatibility.

Thus, capitalism has led to the extension of markets into places and spheres of life that were previously untouched by this system. This has led to ‘commodification’, sociological concept which explains how things that are earlier not traded in the market become commodities that can be bought and sold. They become a part of both the market economy as well as a social system.

Similarly, weddings no longer simplistic ceremonies conducted within a small gathering but have transformed into an extravaganza and a magnificent event which symbolizes a wide array of economic, social, cultural and psychological factors. Nowadays, weddings include all sorts of activities such as a wedding planner, a wedding cake, formal wear, flowers, choreographer, makeup artists, hairstylists, etc.

Certain Indian weddings are a sight full of hovering professional photographers’ right in your face. Elaborate online registries, exotic honeymoon destinations and glossy staged memories.


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10 things through which we can make a successful wedding business can be through:

1. A resourceful wedding planner with a unique personality can be employed with a team of experts who are practical, calculative as well as empathetic and courteous to arrive at the best decisions. They should be well aware of all the shopping that can be done from various places. And cater to the needs of their customers taking in account of their financial status. Whether they belong to upper class or the middle class family households. Thus, a whole team of different experts created specializing in different arenas. To take in charge of last minute bookings, redoing orders, payment modes, cancellations, asking for complimentary offers, etc.

2. A finance manager can set a rational budget which can be cross checked every time a potential expenditure is done as marriages. And further       handling them requires a great task of dealing with numbers. Our finance manager would plan orderly and accordingly to the financial status of both the bride and groom.


3. Certain brides and grooms are extremely picky about their dress design. And are willing to spend not even lakhs but crores on lehengas and sherwani or gowns and suits. This has led to increase in expenditure on lavish designer jewellery and clothing of famous brands such as Sabya Sachi, Manish Malhotra, etc. Considering the wants of the client, companies can provide a fashion expert who has knowledge of all the budding artists as well as brands. Who can guide the couple through the new fashion trends.

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4. Since weddings are all about dance and music, our company can also provide a choreographer which can help both the elderly and children to prepare dances on all sorts of traditional or new trendy songs. This can help the family member of both the bride and the groom to spend more time knowing each other as well as working together.

5. We would also like to ensure that the disabled do not feel excluded in this happy memorable occasion. And companies can provide proper wheel chairs and walking sticks. We would also like to help the old people so they are able to experience all the rituals in peace.

6. The bride and the groom can opt for a DJ/Dhol or a music band of their choice, which would play the latest tracks and according to themes decided by them. It would focus on all sorts of genres providing them freedom to create moments.

7. The surveillance committee consist of a vigilant group of professionals who would keep an eye on the gifts. That are being exchanged as well as the guests so that they are in accordance with guest list. And any suspicious looking person will be immediately pointed out.


8. We would provide caterers and cooks that are culinary professionals in making fancy and flavorsome dishes. Would provide the best of services and prepare traditional as well as regionally popular dishes in India. To treat their guests with an unsurpassed gastronomic experience. We would also like to extend our help to people with any kind of allergies. So a separate or a different meal can be made for them, example: gluten free. After all, food is an essential part of any Indian wedding.


Wedding Parties

9. The theme of every party would be different focusing on varied styles of costumes which are suitable for functions such as cocktail parties, wedding, reception, etc.

10. The photographers can come up with different ideas and introduce vintage frames or themes as screened out by the couple to facilitate them with the best of photographs.

A successful plan up of wedding season would not only be done in terms of money or how to tackle the budget constraint. Being managers, companies will very much become or try the same as family members providing support. Proper health and understanding your sentiments attached to the meaningful ceremony.

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