Cheap Flight – Ultra Basic Economy Class

Cheap Flight with Standing seats on Airplanes

Airliners are planning to add a cheap flight class ‘Ultra Basic Economy’, which will have standing seats and thus more passengers per flight.


A cheaper way to travel is about to be introduced by Airline companies. It will give more people who can’t afford the standard economy class to travel to their desired destination. But why would it be a cheap flight? Because travelling will involve standing rather than sitting, hence, will have space for more passengers on a flight.

Last year in a German exhibition, the company, Aviointeriors, introduced Sky Rider 2.0. This time they are introducing a new set of seats named Sky Rider 3.0.

These set of ‘seats’ are in reality ‘standing seats’, and this is how they’ll look:

In a meeting with CNN Travel, the engineering advisor at Aviointeriors, Gaetano Perugini said, “The message is, we do not want to put thousands of people in the cabin, we want to offer a multi-class configuration, which is nowadays impossible if you want to reach the maximum load of passengers.”

Further, he said, “So that means that in the same cabin, you will have a standard economy, premium economy or business class and ultra-basic economy – which is an innovation for the airline and the passenger. This is the true reason for the SkyRider.”

Perugini accepted that this form of seating will be less than comfortable for passengers.

He said, “I will be honest, I don’t think that somebody is happy to stay eight or 10 hours in this configuration.”

But, he did add that if one wants to save money then it won’t be impossible to use these seats.

Although it may offer cheap flight, Twitter was not happy with the seats. Check some of their reactions:


The Sky Rider may be getting negative reviews, but I think this can mean a good future for Airlines. Some people might be praying for this. I guess, to most people a cheaper way to travel can cover up this unusual way of flying.

What’s your opinion?

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