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Fear: Yes We Fear Our Freedom


Yeah we fear. Yes we like to be protected. Yes security is needed, especially in today’s world. We all fear, fear to die , fear to fly, fear to run and even fear to rely.

There was a time in this world only where people use to trust their neighbors more than their own family members. But what is today’s scenario i think we all know. No need to go any deep with it.

We rely on CCTVs more than our own neighbors and even family members.

Above all what i just meant is that is this our escape from freedom.

Kids trust everyone while growing up. They think of every single person as a friend or a guide. But as they grow up into this world. Where we only teach them that they live in a free country but still buckled in many ways.

It’s not other’s fault it’s us who has left our freedom away. And if not than why are there CCTVs all around the pathways of every second building we count. Schools are full of cameras even the classrooms our covered with them. Because according to us what we see is right. And whatever is not recorded in the camera has no proof to be claimed right. And our ability of trusting what others are saying even if they are kids are long gone.

We need security and protection so badly that we a guard touches our whole body for the sake pf checking. We are fine with it. Where is our self esteem at that point. Why do we allow our boss to watch what are we doing in the office during the working hours. Why can’t a person just trust another.

We Fear Our Own Selves

Oh! I forgot we believe in surveillance. We trust it more than our instincts. Do we have any proof that doing such things moreover giving up the freedom is really saving us or protecting us. Rather the crime rates have only gone up we no stoppage in between.

If not in the classroom. A young girl commits suicide in the school’s washroom. Not in shopping malls or trial rooms people are ill treated or eve teased on open roads. If not in the pathways boss insults the dignity of the woman in his office cubical.

But according to us what we see and is under CCTVs is true. Mental torture, awful words is nothing just a torture for weak people who can’t even handle some taunts and comments.At least, Our attitude toady definitely supports this statement in every way.

Lately i just want to say we are only making us our own slave. Certainly humanity is eradicating due to our new attitude of self protection from our own selves.

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