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Depression is a mental condition: RIP Sushant Singh Rajput


Depression is a mental condition that needs full attention and care. If ignored, we already know the consequences.

But then, accusing someone just because one decided to give up his/her life is also no less than being morons. I mean to say, if one called Mr X decides to cast the starkids or blah blah, that should be better called as his business strategy.

If a business family opens up a new venture and makes someone from their family as the CEO of the venture, do we term it as something? No, right?
Even if Mr X picks up someone randomly and appoints him/her as the CEO of his group, do we term him as something else? No, right?
Then, why we are accusing or blaming someone after someone from the film fraternity committed suicide?
Guys, understand, it’s their way of doing business.
In fact, if a telecom service provider is giving us monthly data pack for 1 rupee/month or 300 rupees/month, it’s entirely their way of doing business. Yeah, if we don’t like their way of business, we simply turn blind towards them. It’s that simple!

Now, the bigger point!!!
None, but we need to be blamed for all these. You see, if we could use our brains to filter out real talents and prefer watching their movies, shows, live performances, etc., this so-called father of nepotism can do nothing to stop the real talents from growing.
If we would have boycotted those so-called ‘coffee’ shows, today, we would not have lost some of the brightest talents.


People like me or you has to blamed for all these sad happenings. You see, we have gone down to the level wherein we now have turned our festivals into an occasion to go and watch the movies of some rotten talents, and that too in luxury theaters.

It’s we who have been giving them TRPs for shows where people make fun of others’ skin tone, racial backgrounds, and even religious backgrounds they belong to.
It’s we who are in fact buying monthly/yearly subscription to watch the performances of these rotten talents while ignoring the classy performances of the REAL TALENTS.

And most importantly, as we all know, amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, thousands and millions of employees have been laid of due to various reasons. And believe it or not, some of these employees has been made space goats just so that the managers can ensure safety to their favored team mates.
Have you ever raised voices against this? No, right?

Recently, many migrant labours from all across the country breathed their last even before reaching their home. (Let me not mention the reasons). But have you raised voice against this?

Even, many patients have been denied of necessary medical care, and they finally either succumbed death. Have you ever raised your voice against this? I think not!

Come on guys, me or you is also no less than the so-called fathers of Nepotism. I feel, most people are showing empathy-sympathy cuz’ a star’s pic on their wall makes their timeline look more appealing.

Have guts to admit that we have failed as Human Beings long back. And what is happening today is just the resonating effects of our own deeds.

But whatever it is, losing someone really pains a lot; especially when that someone was an inspiration.

Depression by Moeedul Hussain

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