Surprise Visit Of SRK At Hairstylist Sister’s Wedding, Leaves The Guest Thrilled.

surprise visit of SRK
source: Times Now India

Surprise Visit of SRK at a Wedding-

Shahrukh Khan is the ultimate Romantic hero of 90s widely regarded as King of Witty answers. Apart from the stardom that he holds, he is also known for his warm gestures. Recently, a surprise visit of SRK at his hairstylist sister’s wedding leaves the guest thrilled. His stylist Raaj Gupta, was seen filled with love and excitement. The ceremony took place in Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

As soon as, the video went viral many applaud him for his gesture. Usually we think, that an actor with such a fanbase and laurels may not consider a common man important. But here is Shahrukh khan reversing the theory. He is a man with a gold heart and yet he proves it through his gesture..

The minute he arrived at the wedding in a black suit every other person was filled with excitement. As well as, in the video, visible commotion is witnessed can be felt as the venue. Though aย  constant desire to meet him is clearly visible in the crowd. First being greeted by Raaj Gupta, Shahrukh proceeds to meet the bride and the groom midst the loud cheer of host and guest.

Netizens express their love on Twitter..

Yet Another Surprise Visit –

In the same way, Shahrukh was also shown displaying same love and warmth for the acid attack heroes. In 2016, he also surprised the heroes by a unknown visit. He even posted a picture with them on twitter.

#MakeLoveNotScars was a youth initiative for survivors. They also posted a video thanking him for his gesture.

To summarize, he is not just an actor but the king of our hearts.

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