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Is Money Happiness ?

We all must have heard that money never bring happiness. If money never brings happiness and it’s people and good memories that make us feel happy. Then why is their a big fat smile on the face of a rag picker after finding a 10 rupee coin in the trash. And then we say money never brings happiness.

People dragging their shoes everywhere slitting up their skin to earn enough that can make their family comfortable and happy. If money can never buy happiness then why do we feel joyful and happy after shopping from a really good and expensive. Why do we have desire to get something luxurious. And finally getting it makes a happy.

These all things somewhere clearly shows that sometimes money do by happiness and it’s a need no one can deny.

The 2nd side of the coin

Yes on the philosophical aspect one can always deny the money element and the real importance and want of it in our lives. But reality is in front of us. It’s something one can never deny and the thirst for money never ends.

Yes, OK you all might be thinking that not all rich people are happy and they hardly live a live even after having so much of money. On this note i would like to say that excess of anything is harmful but this cannot substitute the need of it.

Happiness is something that cannot be bought but still we feel happy after spending Lakhs and Lakhs on a car or a house or something luxurious that maintains our image in the society.

Oh, it’s a really topsy-turvy thing. One can have really different opinions on it. This matter is something really going in my mind with no offend to anyone’s thought and opinion. But above all i would like to say that a rupee is something that spins the mind and people too.

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