New Graduates – Does the future look bad? Road Ahead

new graduates

New Graduates – Does the future look bad? Road Ahead

So many of us in our generation and younger have lived through two major economic recessions and are saddled with 5-6 figures of student loan debt, no matter what field of study. We should be doing all that we can to support each other and create new opportunities rather than continue to be held back by a decaying cultural structure.

This really resonated with me as I remember entering the workforce in the early 2000s taking a low paying job just to get started. What I learned is first jobs are important. You learn work ethic, being prepared, resiliency, what coaching looks like in the workplace, and how a positive attitude and extra effort is rewarded

Having graduated during the last downturn, I feel for those starting their careers in these times. Forcing myself to be positive and optimistic really helped.

I’m looking to this generation now emerging into adulthood and the workforce to innovate in so many ways:

New Graduates

  1. Fresh and flexible ways of working (where/how/when we work)
  2. Multiple streams of household income, no longer relying only on “our job”
  3. Product and service innovation like we’ve never seen
  4. A focus on the local vs. the global, including reinvigorated manufacturing and farming
  5. A re-embracing of skilled trades, providing communities with essential services and households with solid incomes and benefits.


I can’t wait to see what this YOUNG generation does. There’s opportunity in the midst of every difficulty. And heaven knows people these young have the energy to overcome. Onward!


-Invest in your mental health.

In conclusion, this too shall pass. But, we shall overcome this hardship.

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