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Suicide : Urge For Peace



Suicide an act to achieve death. Way to eternal peace. An act said to be committed by lunatics, cowards, and the psychopaths. But before coining our own definition for it have we ever tried to know more in deep about the people who try to commit suicide and the situation they are going through. How can there be some reason so deep that forces them to take up this step. A step brutal to their own self.

What we see or notice is the act not the history behind it. And it is already coined that every action has a past a history to be known. But we all are in a habit of just jumping on the conclusions without even knowing about the matter.

A person trying or has already taken his life with his own hand. Definitely needs some help, Love, Attention and protection. And above all he needs a hand that can pull him out from the darkness he is living in. But due to lack of attention and are habit of leaving things behind we usually aren’t able to help those in need.

A Talk Can Change It All Can Prevent Suicide

Sometimes a person really close to our heart. But first get this that they aren’t coward sometimes people get so tangled in their matters that they find no way out. And unfortunately just for some mental peace they find death more welcoming and comforting. A place that can calm them down with no life issues and thoughts that they were running away from.

We all have heard many saints and people around us saying every person in this world has to deal wit his own stress and matters in life. But do we all go through the same situations and is it that all are minds work the same way.

Sometimes putting our own opinions side and listening to someone in need is the best cure and the help one can give. Talks without judgments can make a whole lot of difference.

Recognizing someone’s mistakes and telling them about it is the worst deed done to someone in need of love and care. So, be aware if you can’t help someone at-least don’t make them worse.

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