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Gillette shaving has got us new Icons “The Barbershop Girls”


Gillette: Neha and Jyoti are sisters, also known as “The Barbershop Girls” of  Banwari Tola village of  Uttar Pradesh.

These two girls are setting up stones of success in the male dominated occupation. They got this nickname in 2014, when it was a necessary call to run their father’s shop. This prove to be the  only medium of paying medical bills. Despite of father’s illness, these two iconic beauties put their best foot forward in their respective occupation.

Aware of the challenges and the thoughts being circulated in the village, they disguised themselves as boys for 4 years. After 4 years of hardwork, the two sisters finally threw their masks and revealed their true identity, while breaking gender stereotypes.

These sisters have become the ultimate Youth Icons.

Hearing their story, Gillette shaving company gave them scholarship to complete their education- presented by the God of Cricket,  Sachin Tendulkar.




Karan Kundra is happy to avail the services.


Gillette’s new advertisement garnered attention on the tracing the story of the two girls. It has impressed viewers and gained  16 Million views at the end of April.

“The blade that shaves, does not know whether a girl or a guy is using it. I think, this is the most important line of the video because if dreams do not discriminate then why do we?”

                        – Sachin Tendulkar

Such stories are inspiration to every little girl out there who has bigger dreams in her eyes.

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