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“Illicit Relationship” With Neighborhood Dog Makes Family Abandon 3-Year-Old Pomeranian Dog.

Dog Abandoned Due To "illicit relationship".
source: The Hindu

Dog Abandoned Due To Illicit Relationship:-

Incidents of cruelty towards pets have been not new. People who abandon pets will always book a special place in hell. Everyday stories of pets being abandoned breaks our heart a bit more. Is it lovely to adopt pets just for social media posts? Well, a number of strange excuses are given by the owners. However, this family said, that due to “illicit relationship” with the neighborhood dog they had to abandon their 3-year-old.

Though the three years old was found abandoned outside the World Market in Thiruvanthapuram’s Chackai. However, the dog was found by a volunteer from the People For Animals after they received a call from a bystander. According to reports, a note was found which was indeed shocking.

The note said,

“It is a disciplined dog. Good habits. Doesn’t require a lot of food. It is free from diseases. She is given a bath 5 times a week and only barks. Has never bitten anyone in three years. She mostly eats milk, biscuits, and eggs. She is abandoned because she was in an illicit relationship with the neighborhood dog.”

Kids And Pets:-

Hence, this excuse is the most ridiculous of all. Sharing the note on the facebook page of People For Animals, Sreedevi S Kartha expressed concern about the family kids. The organization also criticizes the man and talks about his ill health.

“The person who abandoned the sweet dog should be mentally ill. I wonder what will be the condition of kids. Is there any illicit relationship for dogs? If it so, it is better that family must check astrologer and get it married in a traditional ceremony.”

When a new member joins the family he becomes an important member just like others. The pet demands your attention, love, and care. Healthy food is what they want to eat. In this scorching heat, an animal demands a partner. This is the most common natural instinct which humans failed to understand.

Well, shame on your thinking. And also, don’t adopt animals if you believe in this, please.

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