Rahul Bose Was Charged 500 Bucks For Two Bananas at A 5-Star Hotel. Wait.. What?

JW Marriott charged Rs.500 for two bananas and Rahul Bose is disappointed.

Having meals at a luxurious hotel is a wish we all have. Just like Rahul Bose, an actor decided to have 2 Bananas which cost him way more. It’s around Rs.500.

Rs.500 For 2 Bananas Rahul Bose:-

The actor is currently shooting in Chandigarh and is staying in a luxurious property. While hitting at the gym, he ordered two bananas which cost him around Rs.500. Ever imagined the cost of two Bananas would be Rs.500? Yes, you heard that right. Rahul Bose got 2 bananas of Rs.442 to be precise. Therefore, he posted a video complaining as well as questioning the bill amount for something which is fairly cheap. Staying in a fancy hotel doesn’t mean the price of such a fruit will reach heights.

Rahul Bose in his video shows the luxurious hotel while describing about the beautiful flowers.  However, when the focus changes to the figures of the bill it leaves us in shock. At last, his sarcastic remark is all worthy. He said, “these bananas are too good for me”. Banana is a nutritious fruit and one should eat at least two in a day. Well, if this will be the price of two bananas then this is the end of an era.

Here, Rahul also questions the ideology of the JW Marriott officials and staff for setting way to high prices for setting high standards in the market. Ordering 2 bananas for Rs.442 where one can buy that for 20-30 bucks. And guess what? GST was also added to the bill. This is what being unrealistic looks like.

Twitter Game:-

Eventually, has something more to say regarding the overcharging of hotel.

A number of people felt that this unrealistic demand to pay such ridiculous high amount for two Bananas is stupid.

Well, what do you think about this unrealistic and shocking price for 2 Bananas. Tell us, in the comment section below.

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