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Keto Diet:

With new generation comes new heath issues and to live a healthy life one should take a proper diet and even make amendments accordingly.

Ketogenic diet is one of the fastest weight loss diet in the world and is mainly made for those who want to cut fat from their body. but with huge things comes greater myths, most common myths of keto diet are that it reduces muscles and leads to cancer. so to burst these myths and to fill the loopholes let us know the science behind it. but firstly its a bit difficult for the vegetarians of India to follow a proper Keto diet as there is very limited source of vegetarian food in India and most of them are not suitable during ketosis.

so, keto diet is a super low carb diet and it is said that one should have below 50 grams of carbs a day but truly it should be less than 20 grams. in an actual keto diet one should account for every single thing he is eating. No fruits, no Jung food, and any kind of processed food not permitted during this diet. One should only eat home cooked food and that too made by the person himself as you should know what you are eating.

golden rule for ketosis:-

  1. stay below 20 gms of carbs
  2. avoid even trace sugar

trace sugar is basically anything that barely even have sugar content like onion,tomatoes,etc. to the extent its possible.

the real science behind the diet:-

Your body’s favorite energy source is carbohydrate, body breaks down carbohydrate into glucose. And then stores that glucose as glycogen in your muscles. So in ketosis we are cutting down this glucose source as we are getting down the carb first. And then there is no glucose in our body to derive from carbohydrates so it turns to the glycogen in your muscles. Eventually when glycogen runs out this is where ketosis begins.

The body starts breaking down its own fat source and convert them into Ketone bodies. They are same as glucose.some people do ask that how does your brain work on keto? so, actually 1gms of ketone is better than 1gms of glucose.

lastly, its the most effective diet in the world, and it changes the environment in your body. And makes your body utilize fat for energy. Health is a treasure so better if we safeguard it or at least start thinking about it.

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