When Love Enters the Darker zones of possession


What happens when Love Enters the dark zones of possession,, Insecurity and desires…

I’m sharing this poem to refer it to define what love exactly meant to be…

  • It is a conversation between a girl and her beloved where he is asking her not to fall for him too fast…Give some time to understand the negative aspects of each other…As it is written in the poetry here the man says that love for first few days feels like butterflies in stomach,very light & delicate…Slowly slowly it starts entering the zones of possession,Insecurity and desires…How people turn out to be possessive about each other limiting the mutual respect and forcing their opinions on their partner….where love is about giving individual space to your partner helping them grow …when your beloved’s dream is your dream…Their are no Insecurity feelings…it is not madness, it’s attachment of sentiments which cares, luv and let the luv flourish…Luv never holds back…it always stand by….in support and in care…He wants her to give some more efforts to let know each other before committing luv…He says relationship’s are not as they seem to be …They are way more complicated than that….And when it come with contact of the society their are very less chances of survival of luv….And if you will win to keep on the realm of love while struggling with the society…You have won the game…He says if you will remember me not you …when u’ll forget you but not me….it’s me instead of you …then you have totally fallen for me…Then we can consider that their is a hope for Divine love between us….
  • Have you ever fallen in luv. Have you ever loved and lost someone? Write down your experiences in the comments below. We will luv to hear from you about your dreams and experiences.

Have you loved anyone so passionately?


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