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Live Facebook Suicide Of A 22 Year Old 4.88/5 (8)


Live Seppuku : Suicide, Murder, Death, assassination all might seem to be really edgy words with sharp corners defying silence. When heard might give goosebumps to many.

But somewhere for today’s generation it has changed it’s meaning rather shifted it a bit. Making youth less emotional and empathizing in nature. And all this has happened due to inhumane and silly meaningless games and memes floating all over the internet. Making people feel good and laugh about some really dark and serious issues.

And here’s another happening of a boy with low value for his life.

Highly or rather miserably affected 22 year old man. Unable to cope up with his girlfriend’s engagement with another man committed suicide. And live streamed the whole act on Facebook. The spot he decided for dying in the name of love was a temple in Raybha village under Achhnera police station in Agra district.

Live suicide and a 4 page long suicide note. What?????

The victim also left a 4 page suicide note expressing his feelings. Reasons to commit suicide. Apologizing his parents and family members for his step. Above all he even urged the family members to donate his organs.

What is more shocking is that a few of his Facebook friends witnessed the incident live. And didn’t took any step towards it. As he has already informed about his step to his family and friends. Before actually committing it.

The incident took place early on Saturday. The body of the victim, identified as Shyam Sikarwar alias Raj, was found hanging inside the temple premises by the local residents.

In the 4 minute long Facebook live video Sikarwar asked the police authorities to not to take any action against anyone for his death. While he even requested his family members to put some images of his corpse on his Facebook account.

“I miss her and can’t live without her. I can’t bear the fact that she is getting married to someone else. The stress of losing her has affected me so much that I lost my job.” said Sikarwar in his suicide note who used to work in a Gurugram based factory.

Station officer Ajay kaushal said “The victim’s body was found hanging inside the temple premises by local residents. During the probe, we found out that the victim was unemployed and depressed because the girl he was in love with was getting married to someone else. We have conducted the autopsy and handed over his body to his family.”

This was a really horrible incident but also very unique in it’s own way.

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