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Math Equation Made Twitter Crazy – Can you Solve it? 4.83/5 (6)


Going crazy over a math equation!!!!!

Yet another topic on twitter going viral and of-course  has become a medium of hot discussion. And hilarious memes.But this time it’s not a celebrity or a famous person twitter is investing time on. Astonishingly it’s a Math question. Which has gathered attention of most of the nitizens even those who are least interested in solving it.

A math equation is recently shared on twitter and has gone viral as the nitizens are trying to figure out the correct rather the suitable answer, to it. “Solve Carefully” is the disclaimer given by the user KJ Cheetham who is the master mind of this social media havoc. As he posted the equation  230 – 220 x 0.5 =?

But the major twist in the whole situation is that the user has also posted the answer but the Twitter is not convinced with it.

“You probably won’t believe it but the answer is 5!#maths.” The tweet said. But most of the users are not buying it as they are claiming the answer to be 120.

Well some said the answer mentioned with the post to be correct by saying. If you try to solve the equation on the face of it, the answer is 5. 230 – 220 = 10 and if you multiply that with 0.5, it equals to 5. It’s obvious!

BODMAS the heart of mathematics

But some dedicated people used the math rules properly. And followed the BODMAS rule. An acronym that stands for Bracket, Of, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction – 220 x 0.5 = 110 and subtract this figure: 230-110 = 120. Is something many claimed the answer to be.

But KJ Cheetham soon came into play and declared. BODMAS is in use here but still the answer is 5!.

After so much of emphasis give to the answer to be 5!. Still people couldn’t crack it and asked for a proper explanation. Though certain section of the internet. The die heart math fans finally figured out that the answer isn’t 5 but “5!”. They observed the factorial sign that they were missing.

Hence the answer finally got proved. But of-course with the help of KJ Cheetham.

Certainly,Many were confused and frustrated but the best part of this content being viral. Were the amazing comments posted by those who were hardly interested in getting the answers or solving the equations. Let’s have a look on some of the uproarious comments.

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