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Property Dispute: 9 Killed, 20 Injured in UP Gunfight 5/5 (5)

Property Dispute

Property Dispute : Shockingly life of anyone has become like a piece of paper for us now these days. Such that one can easily crush it and put it in the trash. Using guns, fighting over property.

Is life a video game that one has to kill others to win. I think yes it is for most of us.

Is it so easy to just shoot a person and let him die. The little humanity left within us has also evaporated now. Yes we are progressing and this the way we progress. By Killing others, taking someone’s life. Letting us down in other’s eyes. Just to prove our superiority and dominance to tell them this is our extent.

Think this was the country once famous for it’s brotherhood and unity. What we have made it now.

Nine people including 3 women were killed on Wednesday during a property dispute in Eastern Uttar-pradesh’s Sonbhadra district. Leading 20 others severely injured. A small property dispute between 2 families turned into a life taking havoc. As a gunfight took place between both the families which lasted for nearly an hour. Leaving the villagers petrified.

Was The Police On Time To Handle The Dispute????

The police officer of that district said that the land dispute triggered the gunfight. Both the families used country made pistols and even attacked each other with some sharp weapons.

Sonbhadra district magistrate Ankit Kumar Agrawal that the clash involved nearly 100 people including the both sides. And even mentioned that the village is close to the state’s border with Madhya Pradesh.

A large number of police personnel along with the district magistrate reached the spot soon after the incident and the whole situation was brought under control.

The injured were initially admitted to a local hospital but later on were shifted to the district hospital. Two of them are in a really critical condition. Police said.

CM Yogi Adityanath has came forward and expressed his condolences to the families of deceased. He has also directed the DM of Sonabhadra to provide immediate medical attention to the injured. He has also directed the DGP to look forward to this case and catch the culprits as fast as they can.


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